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Interview Tips

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Although you are well practiced in interviewing, there are key points to the process that are beneficial, especially since you could possibly leave your interview with a contract in hand! Remember, the goal of the interview is to get an offer, we can always negotiate any concerns you might have afterward; the only aspect of the offer that isn’t negotiable is the location!

There are numerous aspects of a job interview that need to be handled carefully, including salary expectations and asking and answering questions. At the end of your interview, be sure to ask if there is any reason that you might not be a good fit for the opportunity. This question shows confidence and will eliminate any concerns they might have. Finally, don’t hesitate to put your recruiter to work. Whether you are uncomfortable negotiating terms, or just have questions you would like clarified, we are happy to act as the mediator for you.

Many interviewees struggle with the task of showing the right amount of enthusiasm and passion for the job they are interviewing for. No matter how foolproof one's resume might seem, when it comes to crunch time, any number of factors can influence how a person comes off in an interview. Sabina Nawaz's article about how to show your passion in a job interview in the Harvard Business Review gives you specific talking points that can help you to highlight your passion, instead of letting it get lost in the shuffle.

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